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The athlete that is now expecting to come in there and be BIGGER than everyone else.. HARDER than everyone else And more capable of that ‘WOW factor’. Haters.. These individuals are always having an attitude towards everyone reaching for success. You need to encourage them to hate Because their hate should give you something that motivates you TO MOVE YOU TO THE NEXT LEVEL. You’re doing something! Nobody hates on somebody that’s not doing anything.. Do you realize that they are not even in the game that you are? They’re not even on your LEVEL! It made me get my game tight It made me move up and start WORKING HARDER And it made me move my entire life to a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL! You should be doing your WORK You should be making it HAPPEN You should be GRINDING You should not be worried about what a hater has to say!! Roelly is arguably the BIGGEST guy in this contest. Certainly the biggest arms. We just thought wow what is that guy actually gonna grow into? He’s one of the most musclear bodybuilders we have, period.

This would be somebody that I would watch out for. Are you guys ready for A BEAST? ROELLY THE BEAST WINKLAAR You don’t do things right once in a while You do them right ALL THE TIME. Winning is a HABIT. Embrace the process! The things that you’re going through.. They are making you BETTER! They are making you who you’re gonna be in the FUTURE! Understand the two most important things in life Is when he’s BORN and the day that he realizes WHY he’s BORN. You gotta be willing to do the things today That others won’t do In order to have things tomorrow that OTHERS WON’T HAVE

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