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I came here to remind you.. That when people laugh at your visions and ideas It’s only because they don’t have their own visions and ideas Around what they’re supposed to do with their life or their careers. People that don’t have any dreams for themselves.. They tend to be dream killers. People that don’t have their own visions They become vision killers. They want nothing more then to talk you out of your own visions. I have a habit of dreaming with my eyes open. You have to be able to see what doesn’t exist.. In order to be able to pull off or achieve what in most people’s minds seems to be impossible. What is your VISION? What is your IDEA? Only those that can see the invisible can do what seems to be impossible. I wanna remind you… To continue the dream.. AND DREAM BIG. You have to be RELENTLESS You have to never let of the gas NEVER STOP, NEVER QUIT. Never allow anyone to talk you out.. Of the DREAM, THE VISION AND IDEAS. This is the power of visions. I wanna win so bad.. My hunger and appetite for success..

Is intimidating. It scares the sh*t out of people. I come up with new visions and ideas every single day. And people around me say slow down Stop.. You’re doing too much.. Your appetite is too big.. I WANNA WIN..

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