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How many times do I doubt myself? When it comes to… waking up in the morning and feeling like garbage. And not wanting to get out of bed and do what I know needs to get done. I doubt myself every fucking day. I’m never ‘gonna be satisfied. I’ll never accept satisfaction, ’cause with satisfaction comes you’re growing stale, you’re going to stagnate. You’re not ‘gonna progress, why should you?! Even the champion, once he’s one, once you’re… you’re the worlds’ heavy-weight boxing champion, you don’t stop! You know, UFC fighters, once you win the belt, you don’t stop! Because there’s always someone comin’ up after you. There’s always someone nipping at your heels, to be better than you are! YOU DON’T STOP! Everyday I doubt myself! There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t wake up and I’m unhappy with some decision I made, some choice I made in my past or that I just made… I always doubt myself, but the difference between a champion and a quitter is… that self-doubt will still be there! It’ll always be there. It’s got to be in your mind no matter what you do.

It will always stay there! There’s no gettin’ rid of it! You should have self-doubt to an extent, because it keeps you in check! But the difference between a champion and someone that just quits, is that self-doubt ‘s ‘gonna control you! There’s no reason that you can’t have the dreams that you fucking want! NONE! The only person holding you back is you! And you let other people influence you and how you fucking think, you ‘gonna let somebody judge you and you ‘gonna use that judgment as your level of self-worth! Fuck the world! Fuck the world and anyone that thinks anything differently than what you should! You are somebody special! You just ‘gotta believe it! You just ‘gotta see it! At some point in our life we let self-doubt come in and dictate who we are as a person, based on what society or our friends think of us! It’s who I am as a person and a human being! That’s just who I am! But I tell you what…

When the self-doubt shows his face, I don’t fucking quit! I won’t fucking quit – no matter what! People still don’t seem to understand that… When it comes to chasing your dreams and chasing those goals that you set for yourself in life, that…you look at them, as if those dreams and goals are their friends! Like… somehow miraculously they sit there and wait… They sit on their asses and watch as life goes by and… you know, they don’t really put forth and effort into anything. Eventually that dream is ‘gonna step of, of… whatever transportation it’s taking… and then come directly to you and say : ‘Here I am! Percepting myself before you!’ But they don’t seem to understand, that’s not what life is about! And no one preaches that! We still don’t understand! The civilized man has built a coach but has lost the use of his feet. He has supported on crutches but lacks so much support of muscle.

Men have looked away from themselves and at things so long, they measure their esteem of each other by what each has and not by what each is. We but half-express ourselves and are ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents. Trust thyself! Every heart vibrates to that iron string. Great men have always done so, betraying their perception that the absolutely trustworthy was seated at their heart. Working through their hands. Predominating in all their being. I was put on this planet… to be a legend. You know, people… people misunderstand… having a humble mindset. I suppose to having a go-getter mindset, to having a killer mindset! And the difference is… it’s that thought process of : When you’re feeling down, when you’re feeling weak, how is your mind ‘gonna respond?! What’s it ‘gonna tell you?! Is it ‘gonna tell you: Well, you know…

Maybe we should go to the gym today, I don’t know. You know, I’m not really feeling it, it’s been a hard day, you know we should take it easy. We should ah… I dunno… maybe tomorrow! Maybe the next day! Let’s just take a break, you know… we deserve this! I suppose to: GET THE FUCK UP AND GO TO THE FUCKING GYM! Because no one else feels sorry for you! Only you do! That’s the type of mindset when people aren’t successfull in life.

They sit there and they feel sorry for themselves and they want all this fucking sympathy from everybody else. Yet, they’re not willing to go out there and make shit happen for themselves. And I’m sick and fucking tire of seeing it! Everyone seems to think, somebody owes them something! NOBODY OWES YOU SHIT! If you want something, go out there and get it! Go out there and fucking take it! That’s all there is to it! So, you damn well better believe, I’m ‘gonna go get after what I want. What my goals are. And if anybody stands in my fucking way, I’ll plow through them! I don’t give a fuck who they are! That’s just my mindset. That’s the mindset you ‘gotta have to be successfull! No champion out there hit that fucking mag – and then sat their for nine seconds and said: Well, you know what, maybe I should get up before the tenth second, otherwise I’m ‘gonna lose! FUCK NO! As soon as they hit the mag, the only thing they can think of is: Give me the fucking rope so I can get back up.

That’s the definition of resiliency! And no one seems to have it anymore. Or they misinterpret it for arrogance, which I personally don’t give a fuck about! Call me arrogant! Call me self-settled, but I tell you this much : Any person that is messaging me on facebook or talk to me in my face, in general… I am the nicest guy. When you cross that fucking line, you better believe, I’m ‘gonna knock you back in your fucking place! ’cause that’s just how I am! I’m a nice guy until you fucking push me! That’s my motivation this morning! Get out there and get rid of that stupid ass sorry-mentality of: Yeahhh, maybe…

You’re a fucking go-getter! Are you in the arena… or are you a spectator? Which one is it? This bullshit of ‘Everybody gets a trophy’ is, what’s fucking up our society! You have to look at it like this, – if you truely wanna succeed in life : Your dreams and goals are your enemies! They want nothing to do with you! They refuse to be conquered, unless you’re willing to get out there and put in the work and investing with your dedication, your time, your pain, your effort and your blood and your sweat and your tears! That is how you achieve something!.

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